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Please note these very important regulations for customs and border control (as of 15th April 2015).

Departures and arrivals to and from NON-EU-countries that belong to the Schengen Agreement (Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, Liechtenstein) as well as departures and arrivals to and from countries that are NOT members of the Schengen Agreement have to be announced to the local authorities prior to commencing the flight.

Please use our online customs form (or as a backup our Word document "flight declaration").

Announcing the flight to the mentioned parties is within the responsibility of the air carrier or the pilot!

It is very important to comply with the necessary customs formalities for arrivals from or departures to a "Non-Schengen" or Third country - we will be glad to assist you!

Please fill complete the online form carefully. If you have to use the backup-document, please fax it to  (+49 8459 332436) or send it via e-mail to IMA.

If you are not able to meet your arrival or departure time, please call IMA as soon as possible. In case the police intends to perform customs examinations, neither crew nor passengers are allowed to leave the airport until the police have arrived.

Thank you very much for your support!

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